targeted testosterone boosting supplement

Ultra Edge is the targeted testosterone-boosting supplement that fully utilizes key saponins to greatly improve testosterone production and retention. Ultra Edge is equipped with SynerTech Formula that takes advantage of synergized ingredient compounds to maximize free and total testosterone levels.

  • Testosterone
  • Blood Flow
  • Muscle Performance
  • Libido

Ultra Edge is equipped with key saponins that engage multiple testosterone-boosting pathways to maximize physical and sexual performance. Ultra Edge’s SynerTech Formula combines these essential saponins with other testosterone boosters to safely increase and sustain testosterone levels. The superior advantage of Ultra Edge is its clinical approach to testosterone enhancement, which lowers testosterone metabolites, such as DHT, in favor of increasing total testosterone levels. This is further amplified by ingredients that bind to SHBG and albumin to increase bioavailable testosterone that can bind to the androgen receptors throughout the body. Ultra Edge’s unique formula gives men an unprecedented and unparalleled increase in physical and sexual performance.

Great performance boost!

I was skeptical at first, but I was convinced when I felt the results kick in just weeks after I started taking Ultra Edge. This is some powerful stuff. I’ve increased my load at the gym 5 times since I started, and it feels easy as ever.

Danny B.

Best booster I tried

This is just the performance-booster I need. I’m new to working out, and many times I had to give up because the routines were too tough on me. Ultra Edge gave me that boost that made everything seem so easy in the gym. Still had to work, but it’s a lot easier with Ultra Edge in me.

Carl D.

100% satisfied

I’ve been trying to get in shape for the last few months, and I felt like I was going nowhere. I hit a plateau, and only Ultra Edge was able to get me out of it. Two months in, I’m way past my target, and I’m hitting new highs.

Will M.

High DHT levels
Can Cause:
Increased Prostate
Cancer Risk

With Ultra Edge You Will Experience:
Sustained Testosterone Levels
Improved Muscle Gains
Increased Energy
Peak Erection Size & Hardness

Why do you need ULTRA EDGE?

Not everyone looks at performance and transformation in the same way. While some are willing to diligently hold on until the results kick in, a special kind of man wants results the fastest, and most stunning way possible. Ultra Edge is designed to maximize and accelerate the results you get by using a special blend of testosterone-boosting ingredients. The SynerTech Formula uses key saponins and other natural testosterone boosters to engage multiple testosterone-boosting pathways to safely increase and sustain testosterone levels. Ultra Edge is perfect for those who are serious in their quest to become better versions of themselves. Take Ultra Edge and experience the greatest results that go way beyond your expectations.


SynerTech is a formula developed by UltraCore Supplements for Ultra Edge. The formula uses key saponins and testosterone boosters that allow the body to increase testosterone levels safely by lowering testosterone metabolites in favor of increased total testosterone levels. These ingredients are specially selected for their ability to greatly improve the impact and effectiveness of the other ingredients in the formula, allowing users to experience faster, more sustainable results.


Ultra Edge helps eliminate two of the main factors that cause weak erections and erectile dysfunction – low libido and poor blood flow. With Ultra Edge, you can be confident that you’ll always have the biggest and hardest erections you could ever have!

Increased Nutrient Absorption:

Ultra Prime is equipped with Bioperine™, a powerful ingredient that helps increase nutrient absorption and bioavailability.

Peak Testosterone Enhancement:

Ultra Edge uses a unique blend of saponins that engage multiple testosterone-boosting pathways.

Peak Synergy:

Ultra Prime uses ingredients that push the formula to its maximum potential, allowing you to experience unmatched results.

Peak Erection Size & Hardness:

Ultra Edge helps eliminate the risk factors of erectile dysfunction, giving you the biggest and hardest erections you’ve ever had!

Tribulus Alatus

Acts as a strong aphrodisiac and helps increase free testosterone levels; also helps decrease blood glucose levels.

Mucuna Pruriens

Contains key compounds that stimulate the hypothalamus to increase GnRH secretion, leading to an increase in testosterone production.

Rhodiola Rosea

A potent aphrodisiac and testosterone booster, which helps reduce cortisol to enhance testosterone levels.


Helps prevent the natural conversion of testosterone to DHT by inhibiting the 5alpha-reductase enzyme


Ultra Edge is designed to maximize the results you get from testosterone enhancement, giving you the ultimate advantage of peak muscle growth potential, libido, sexual performance, and erection size and hardness. Discover how you can take advantage of optimum testosterone levels with Ultra Edge!

  • Peak Performance
  • Peak Testosterone Enhancement
  • Peak Synergy
  • Peak Erection Size and Hardness

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